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The Good Old High School Days. In just a few days the class of 2018 will complete their KCSE exam, and bid farewell to the high school period that lasted four years. A period of our lives that seems more meaningful and memorable than any other. It’s quite funny, isn’t it? The years pass by, but our memories remain intact. High school was a unique experience for everyone, each and everyone has different stories, events and triumphs that they recall. Nevertheless, they are simple but...
Crowning Moment for 2018 KCPE Candidates  A total of 1,060,703 candidates, received their fate as the 2018 KCPE results were released Monday afternoon by Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohammed at the Star of the Sea Primary School, Mombasa County. The exam was released in less than three weeks after the 1st November completion, greatly facilitated by the acquisition of 20 new scanning machines by the Kenya National Examination Council, keeping on with a trend where the examination body is...
Teen Pregnancies an Overwhelming Predicament in Kenya The just-concluded KCPE and the ongoing KCSE national exams have been an eye opener on the state of teenage pregnancies in the country. By the end of the KCPE exams, a total of ten cases had been reported across the country. A situation that has since seen Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed prompt the Quality Assurance and Standard Department to carry out an immediate investigation into the cases. “I have asked my quality assurance...



Students warned to avoid crime

  RAMIFICATIONS OF HAVING A CRIMINAL RECORD AS A STUDENT.   On 8th July 2018, The Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) issued a grim warning to all learners in the country admonishing them against involvement of any form of crime while in school.   In a move to curb the widespread cases of misconduct in learning institutions, the DCI pronounced that it will be keeping crime records of every student found guilty of committing a criminal offense and that will reflect in the...

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