Calls for The Introduction of Sex Education in Learning Institutions
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11/13/2018 11/19/2018

Calls for The Introduction of Sex Education in Learning Institutions.

Talks of introduction to sex education in the country have dominated the airwaves, social media and other communication platforms for the better part of the month since the onset of the 2018 national exams. The talks on the controversial topic seem to have stemmed from the alarming teenage pregnancy cases as witnessed in the ongoing national exams.

According to the director of education in Kitui County, Salesa Adano 72 candidates are pregnant. The county has recorded the highest number of pregnancies among the students sitting this year’s national exam. Another 38 delivered newborns in the county as the exam began in a case that the director has termed as shocking.

The cases of teenage pregnancies have also been witnessed in other counties across the country; they have since sparked conversation on the cause with different people throwing blame on the parents and surrounding community and others talking of a remedy to the predicament through the introduction of sex education in schools.

This is not the first time the controversial topic is making the headlines. Discussions on whether to introduce sex education in both primary and secondary schools have always fizzled into thin air.

 In 2014, Nominated senator Judith Acheing Sijeny presented the Reproductive Health Care Bill seeking adolescents to be given unfettered access to comprehensive sexual education and confidential services, but her efforts were futile as the bill was stifled by Senate claiming that it was an attempt to 'spoil children''.

The then Education Cabinet Secretary Jacob Kaimenyi said that his ministry would not allow ‘introduction of immorality into schools. The bill did not reverberate well with religious groups, parents and teachers. It was therefore rejected.

Sex education

Sex education is defined as instructions on issues relating to human sexuality. It includes emotional relations and responsibilities, human sexual anatomy, and sexual activity. Sex education also incorporates sexual reproduction, the age of consent, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, birth control, and sexual abstinence.

It is aimed to equip children and young people with knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that will see them develop a favorable view of their sexuality, in the context of their emotional and social development.

Joining the conversation, Health Principal Secretary Peter Tum has recently advocated for sex and behavioral education in schools in a bid to curb the increasing teenage pregnancy cases. While speaking at Wareng High School in Eldoret, the PS said that sex and behavioral education should be included in the curriculum to help create awareness among students on the risk involved in engaging in sex at a tender age.

A high number of KCPE and KCSE candidates were this year forced to write their exams either nursing new born babies in hospital or while expectant. Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed has said the ministry is working on a new policy to curb teen pregnancies and it set to be rolled out soon.

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