Different Type of Students in Group Projects
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Different Types of Students in Group Projects

 “Two heads are better than one,” “more hands make for lighter work," " the more, the merrier.” You’ve probably heard of these adages, they speak to the potential and advantages of working in groups as opposed to an individual basis.

Many of the teachers are using groups as a way to change the pace in the classroom. Group projects can be an effective method to motivate students; it helps them develop a host of skills that are increasingly significant in today’s professional world. They include; encouraging active learning, developing critical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills.

Those of us who have worked in group projects back in school can attest that working in group projects can be a blessing and a curse owing to the people you have to deal with. Below are the different types of personalities you encounter when working in groups.

  1. The invisible/ no reply guy

This is perhaps the most stressful character to deal with in a group project, first off the only way you know they’re in your group is a result of confirming with your teacher several times and the teacher assures you that they are indeed part of your class but come to think of it the teacher has not met them either.

Nowadays, students use group chats on social media platforms to discuss the assigned project matters. The no reply guy proves that he or she does not care by not replying. Efforts by the group leader to reach out from time to time prove futile. Group members are left in a dilemma as to whether the particular person did their share of work or not and you don’t know if they intend to show up on presentation day. But you know deep in your hearts not to get your hopes up.

  1. The silent student

This person will religiously show up for all the group meetings but will hardly ever contribute to the discussion, they neither have an opinion on the assigned group project nor do they volunteer to work on anything. They wait as others take charge and do the work. Ironically their pin drop silence does not seem to emanate from shyness or an introverted personality but rather a lack of interest and laziness.

  1. The Procrastinator

Keeping the group’s members on edge is their specialty and giving the member heart attacks is their forte. This person is always offering to take on tasks on behalf of the group; however, they never deliver as they said they would. This kind of person waits until the very last minute to get the job done, they pull all-nighters to finish the work yet they previously had the luxury of time, though they often deliver and seem to care about the work you always have your fingers crossed as for them it’s always a wait and see affair.

  1. All talk and no cattle guy.

This is probably the loudest person in the group with bravado to marvel at. They are sirens when it comes to words and promises to take on the world with their impeccable skills. They depict themselves as the guys to go to for all your troubles due to the vast connections at their disposal. They are merely the guys who know a guy, who knows a guy

Unfortunately for the group, this is a typical case of over- promising , and under delivering , their promises are made with genuine intentions. However, they fall short and rarely deliver.

  1. The control freak

This has got to be the most exasperating member in a group project. This person wants everything done their way and only their way. They feel entitled and will not give their fellow group members a chance to air their thoughts, and by sheer luck, they give you a chance then they will be quick to prove that their idea is better than yours. In the end, you are left with no choice but to do their bidding.


  1. The financer

This person lives up to his name; theirs is the financing and strictly that. You don’t bother them with group discussion, brainstorming. They come in when funds are needed for example to conduct researches, video editing, printing, etc. All these they provide funds for no matter the cost with no complaints as long as their names and admission numbers appear during the presentation.

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