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Digital Learning Shaping Education in Kenya.

Recent strides have been made over the years concerning technology in education. One such initiative is a program, aimed at supporting the Digital Literacy Project by Ministry of Education, it gives primary schools the opportunity to start a digital journey for integrating ICT into everyday lessons by setting up computers in classrooms and solar powered labs. Camara Education has teamed up with Dell and Computer Aid to provide access to information technology and skills to schools, through the Dell Youth Learning Program.

Digital learning

Digital learning is any learning accompanied by technology or by instructional practice that makes effective use of technology.

 By embracing digital learning, we are slowly bypassing some of the challenges that come with classroom-based learning. Learning restricted to the physical classroom and difficulties arising from not affording expensive education are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past as digital learning education is increasingly becoming available to anyone, anywhere at any given time genuinely facilitating the learning process.

Over the past few years, we have witnessed the African continent warming up to digital education transformation with various countries laying out ambitious projects in a bid to deliver quality competitive education to their citizens.

In Kenya, the digital learning trend was first taken up by the institutions of higher learning, gradually followed by secondary and primary school redefining what we had previously come to understand as learning, through creating immersive and inclusive learning experiences aimed to inspire deep-rooted thinking.

Studies have revealed that technology applied in new ways can alter behaviour and motivation, enabling educators to discover and asses learning in new ways and support students as they learn to be malleable and resilient through exploration, stimulation, and gaming. 


The desired objective is to encourage students to learn by engaging in solving problems, practicing, progressing and having fun, with real-time feedback from educators.

In Africa, South Africa is recognized for having made the most from the benefits of digital learning to the education process with the implementation of resources that offer online courses both at the high school and college levels.

A digital revolution is currently underway, and it is evident that our country has made significant strides in actualizing the new age of technology-enabled education. The government has made a decision to encourage digital transformation by empowering the young generation with IT skills from primary to secondary school. A move that will lead to individuals with globally competitive literacy and problem-solving skills in the workplace.



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