Life Hacks for a High School Freshman
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Last week marked the deadline to the form one admission process countrywide in an exercise that targeted more than one million students a first in the country owing to the president's pledge of one hundred percent transition from primary to secondary school.

When most people look back on their high school days the majority of them say it was either the best or worst time in their life. Some think it was straight forward and easy, as for the rest a bit bumpy and rough to say the least.

Joining high school comes with a lot of adjustments. From the new look; graduating from those shorts and dresses to a more sophisticated look of long trousers and skirts, change in the number of subjects- they  increase and involve practical lessons in labs, and my all-time favorite introduction to the high school menu- unless you joined an international school please suck it up and eat what is offered. School food can never resemble the food back at home.

Transitioning to high school can be stressful for students. High school is a transitional time for all students, and students are bound to make decisions during these “in-between years” that can impact their future. Below are some basic tips and advice that will help anyone get through high school:

Create friendships with competent, trustworthy people with the same value as you 

Aligning yourself with people who you share the same values is a huge factor as to whether or not you'll have a great high school experience. By doing so, you avoid trouble, unnecessary attention, and drama.

Don’t waste time trying to be famous

Spending every waking moment of your life playing the popular card is pointless and only courts unnecessary attention. It's simple, be likable, and someone people want to be around, they all will naturally gravitate towards you for just being you.


Don’t be afraid to speak up  

High school can turn out to be overwhelming. If you're struggling in class, don’t hesitate to ask for help from your teachers. Even if you're not necessarily struggling but want some constructive advice, don’t shy off from approaching your teachers they are there to assist in any way they can. There is a lot you can benefit from having a one-on-one with your teachers.


Be assertive

You just graduated from primary school, being confident and not letting others intimidate you were part of the transition. Maintaining you're self- esteem and confidence is a sure way of making your peers and teachers respect you. The secret is feeling good about yourself and appreciating who you are.


Hold on to who you are and what's important to you

This is perhaps where many high school students go wrong. It's easy to lose yourself in high school, but by merely staying true to yourself and not letting anything or anyone change you goes a long way in catalyzing the success of your high school life. You will be exposed to a lot of adjustment but don’t let them deter you and lose sight of who you are. Even in your darkest moment if you don’t lose track of who you are, you'll make it through.


Get involved

This is the ultimate way of meeting people and forging new relationships. By joining certain clubs and participating in activities that you're interested in will open you up to a whole new world and a whole group of friends who can quickly become a second family. By doing so, you can also gain leadership opportunities, get the chance to step out of school once in a while. So if the music is your thing join the choir. If you're obsessed about numbers, join the maths club. This will spice up your high school experience.
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