Student Enrollment in University
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Student Enrollment in University

It is that time of the year, where the long wait is finally over with the September- October university and college intake currently underway. For many hopefuls, it is time to shift the focus back to their academic lives after the long wait at home to join the institutions of higher learning in the country.

The higher education culture has changed over the years, as in the past only a few students in the country made it to the university level. But now almost every student is securing a place at the university level with nearly 70% admission to both public and private universities in the country annually. A move that has been set off by the high demand of jobs in the country resulting in each person trying to better edge out the competition.

There are three categories of students who enroll in both public and private universities in Kenya. They include

  • The JAB (Joint Admission Board) admitted students
  • Those learning through the parallel program
  • Those studying in private universities



For one to gain admission through the JAB program, one has to attain the grade required by the Joint Admission Board. The grade varies in regards to how students performed and the accommodation capacity of public universities in a particular year.

The parallel program requires the student to have acquired at least a minimum of a C+ as the mean in the KCSE and for some cases a pass in Mathematics and English depending on the course chosen.

Private institutions, on the other hand, are more of the same to the parallel program regarding set requirements although most of the universities in Kenya require a minimum of C+ with an alternative of bridging the failed subjects. 

The Insights

You have just met the prerequisite requirements to join the institutions of higher learning in the country. But how do you eliminate and choose from the numerous universities and settle for one that caters to all your needs?

Recent studies have revealed that many of the current students in the institutions of higher learning in the country are displeased with current courses they are taking with some even choosing to change their major’s years into the learning process. To avoid such predicament, it boils down to the choice that one makes before settling for a particular university and major.

Some of the factors to be considered include but are not limited to:

Make sure you're doing what's best for you

When applying or choosing a particular university, it is of paramount importance to make sure you want to go there, secondly, when deciding on which course to study, make sure it’s because you like it. Most of these critical decisions can be achieved through reevaluating oneself and also taking advice from your previous teachers and parents as they may provide the best insights but always be careful to ensure that final decision rests with you and should be one that you are happy with.

Apply for the course, not the university

Many students get carried away by the university phenomenal and end up making choices based on the university itself as opposed to the course they are going to be studying; this rarely ends well. There is a lot to consider beyond ratings, statistics and awards when comparing programs and courses among universities.

What are the university facilities like?

It is essential to get a feel of what it will be like to study at a particular university beforehand. Learning more about its facilities will ultimately give you a better idea of the more extensive university experience and also how well the said institution plans to support you academically.

Is accommodation guaranteed?

Shifting gears from the academic side. You will also want to know more about the university's accommodation as you will spend most of your time in school and it will eventually serve as your second home. It is of importance to note that not all institutions guarantee accommodation to its student. So, find out if you will have somewhere to live preferably near the school. This, and bearing the financial considerations such as rent might inform your choice when struggling to choose between universities


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