Technology Impact on Education in Kenya
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Technologies Impact on Education In Kenya

Can you escape the purview of technology when living in the 21st century? Technology has exerted influence in almost every aspect of life today. In this exponentially changing world, the education sector in the country has not been spared in this regard.

In many ways, technology has immensely changed education as we know it. It has profoundly expanded access to education. Flashback to the past, books were rare, and only an elite few had access to educational opportunities. People had to cover kilometers to centers of learning to get an education. Today educational content is available at one's fingertips through the internet, and opportunities for formal learning are readily available with the online platforms. Due to technology, access to learning opportunities is unprecedented in scope.

Classroom walls are no longer a barrier to acquiring an education as technology enables up to the minute ways of learning, communicating and working collaboratively.

The teacher and student’s roles are also changing due to technology, in the past, the teacher was considered as the primary source of information while the learners passively receive it and to some extent it is still somewhat in existence today. However due to access to information and the educational opportunity provided through technology in many classrooms today the teacher's role is to guide on the side while the students take up more responsibility for their learning using technology to muster pertinent information.

The country has taken advantage of technology by realizing that it can support and transform the education sector in many ways. Here are some of the means through which technology has affected education in Kenya:

Digital learning programs

Technology is playing a big part in changing the way training is carried out in the country. With e-learning programmes, students are graduating from universities across the world that they would not have dreamt of setting foot in previously.

The Kenyan government embarked on a program where it digitized the education syllabus in the country as part of a more extensive Digital Literacy Program by its ICT Authority. It involves pupils in all public primary schools learning courtesy of digital technology. In spite of experiencing a five- year delay, the program kicked off 11,500 grade one pupils receiving tablet computers.

Education App and platforms

Education platforms such as Elimu holdings are playing a vital role in transforming how education content is received presently in the country. Gone are the days where teachers had to dedicate their holidays for preparing lesson plans and schemes of work. Elimu library provides detailed and up to date lesson plans and schemes of work at a pocket-friendly cost. The students too are catered for as they offer school notes and readymade exams to guide and aid in their revision. Truly revolutionising the education sector using technology.

TV Education Channels

Presently, we have 24-hour channels dedicated to teaching secondary school students the various examinable subjects in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Examples of such channels include; Elimu TV, KU TV, Edu TV, KICD TV among others. These are 24/7 free to air digital broadcasting on matters education.

Technology is indeed a powerful tool that can transform education in many ways, from making it easier for instructors to create teaching materials to enable new ways for people to learn and work together. With the worldwide reach of the internet and availability of smart devices that can connect to it, a new era of anywhere anytime education is inevitable.

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