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Adolescence: A unique period of challenge and opportunity for positive development By Emmah Kanyara Every child dreams of growing up and enjoying the perceived freedom that comes with status. Imagine getting to pick what to wear or even the privilege of deciding when to leave the house and what time to get back! Good life huh? However, before one gets there, a person has to go through transitions, and one of the major ones is adolescence Adolescence is a transitional period marked with...
KISWAHILI QUOTES Maisha ni kama baiskeli ili iende lazima uchochee. Hakuna atakaye endesha katika mgongo wako labda uiname. Lipa kwanza utacheza baadaye. Huwezi penda kila mtu na huwezi chukia kila mtu. Huhitaji miwani ndio uone maisha yyyyya baadaye. Ubinafsi waweza kufungua milango lakini tabia tu ndio itakayoiweka wazi. Nikumbuke katika maombi kama vile unikumbukavyo katika masengenyo.    BY...KEMUNTO JANE MAJIBU ZA ABUNWASI Mwalimu aliuliza, ‘‘Kama mtoto mdogo huitwa mchanga je...



Kenya Climate Change Essay Winners Announced

Learners Feted in the Kenya Climate Change Art and Essay Competition The award ceremony to the first edition of the Kenya Arts and Essay Competition was held at the Kenya Meteorological Department Headquarters in Nairobi on the 11th of October 2018. It comes days after the completion of the judging process to the hundreds of essay, drawings, and painting that had been submitted by most of the primary and secondary schools in Nairobi county on climate change. It was all pomp and color at the...


Technology Impact on Education in Kenya

Technologies Impact on Education In Kenya Can you escape the purview of technology when living in the 21st century? Technology has exerted influence in almost every aspect of life today. In this exponentially changing world, the education sector in the country has not been spared in this regard. In many ways, technology has immensely changed education as we know it. It has profoundly expanded access to education. Flashback to the past, books were rare, and only an elite few had access to...


TVET Policy Framework Launch

LAUNCH OF TVET, CBET FRAMEWORK, OCCUPATIONAL STANDARDS, AND CBET CURRICULA.  The launch of the TVET Competency Based Education Training (CBET) Policy Framework at the Kenya Technical Trainers College was held on 24th of October at the Kenya Technical Trainers College at Gigiri, in attendance were Principals of Technical Training Institutions, TVET partners, Representatives of National Polytechnics, Government and Ministry of Education officials and Industry Representatives. The Principal...

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