Deputy Principal of Tumaini House School
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Charity Mueni studied in Machakos girl’s high school which was by the nicknamed... [macgerian]..In her secondary level she loved playing and engaged in athletics. Charity Mueni had a dream of becoming an agricultural engineer in which it ended up her becoming a high school teacher which was her second career. Charity Mueni passed her secondary education and joined the university where there was no agricultural engineering taught. Her parents helped her and mentored her in becoming a teacher After the university charity managed to teach several schools in both boys and girls mixed schools in which later she was finally transferred to T.H.S [THE BLACK PANTHERS]

The deputy of tumaini house school is clean and a go-getter teacher who struggle and strive in day to day life to attain her goals. The deputy also dislikes untidy areas and untidy students also she loves the black colored uniform just because it is unique.

Charity Mueni is a teacher who is so concerned with girl’s welfare due to the life she underwent herself, her friends and relatives of the same gender. she also believes that boys react faster to their mistake than girls who are pushed like handcarts...

Charity Mueni is the current deputy of Tumaini house school from 2016 to date and otherwise became a teacher in T.H.S in 12th January 2012


With Samuel Karanja and Julius mwakia

Mwakia; what inspired you to be a teacher...

Charity; my parents inspired me, and it was my second career‎



He was admitted in tumaini house school in 2015 after his success in Saint Joseph primary school in Nairobi. He joined the school when it was under the leadership of Dennis Koech, the 12th president of the school, who was a perfect role model to him. It was Koech the former president who made his excellency Dickson to believe that one day he rule tumaini since Moti joined the school, he never let the friends choose him, but he chose his friends. President Moti came to this school in 2015 with an auspicious results in which  he was unable to have a good result in the first term since he had not yet adopted Nakuru county environment that time but after the first term of 2015 Moti came back to his usual ways and started flying in the world of academics as the time goes by 2015 was over and it was about 2016 in which Moti believed it was his year because his role model and mentor, Dennis Koech was no longer in Tumaini simply

because he was done with secondary life,Moti Mogeni continued posting his promising results and became the student number one in academics during that year at the end of the second term Moti decided to  vie for deputy president of the school,one thing that encouraged him was during the annual general meeting as he was announced the most disciplined student of the year. After writing the application for deputy president seat, the vetting committee which was headed by Charity Mueni who appointed him without any campaign. Since Moti was in good relation with students and teachers. Moti was very happy, and his dreams came true. He ruled the school with full of honesty, integrity, humility, and courage. Despite all the challenges, Moti made it and the year was over. At the year 2017, it was do or die to the deputy president despite having very competitive students who vied for 2017 Tumani house school presidency. He decided to look forward and enter in the race of presidency and as they always say good counts Moti became the 15th president of the school in which he was able to run his government which was seeking for change and indeed Moti's government dominated the school because the discipline of the students arose and now Tumaini house school is in another level.



With Clayton Leroy and Edwin Maina

Clayton; welcome to T.H.B interview.

Moti; it's my pleasure.

Clayton; my first question is; what inspired you to be the president of Tumaini house school?    

Moti; because i knew that am capable of leading by example and bring a change.

Clayton; what kind of challenges do you encounter

Moti; misunderstanding from student council, students and teachers.

Clayton; have you ever regretted being a leader in Tumaini.

Moti; no.

Clayton; why

Moti; because once you are a leader everything to you goes smooth, but on the other hand it's usually hard while controlling the students.

Bnus questions

Edwin; have you ever been in a relationship.

Moti; no i have never been until i finish my secondary


Edwin; what is your favorite meal

Moti; [hahaha]''githeri'' and ''waru''

Edwin; what would you like to be after your secondary education

Moti; my ambition is to be the president of Kenya

Edwin; have ever been harassed by any teacher

Moti; yes but............. I will not mention the teacher

Edwin; the day that you will never forget in your life

Moti; the day that i was thoroughly beaten by my mother after stealing 20shillings.


Well thanks for your time have been your host Edwin maina and I Clayton Leroy.....see you next time......byeeeeeee

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