Poem and Short Stories
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At first, I thought

It was a pimple of adolescent

but then the patches on my skin

Then thinning and heightening

I remember the sting of the monster


I met the monster

camouflaged a sheep

As I stock a wool

Like a snipping viper

He swings and then fangs

Change my song


I am here to declare

 To all those who dare

To contract the monster snare

A little sleep a little slumber

He shall bounce and bounce the fangs

From game rangers

it's no longer a sheep in a manger

but the blood-sucking beast


Like a vagabond

Hope is my bond

From lab to lab

Flapping my sleepers

research on'kill me quick.'

Many die on the same day in day out


Fence your farm

To the unmarried

Cross your fingers and legs

Sons and daughters

Cage your weapons

 passage I request

The monster has broken the loose.




                       A NICE TRUE LOVE STORY                                                                                

There was a blind girl who hated herself just because she was blind. She hated everyone except her loving boyfriend. He was always there for her. She said if she could only see the world she could marry her boyfriend.........one day someone donated a pair of eyes to her /that you can see the world now, will you marry me?''  The girl was shocked when she noted that her boyfriend was blind too, and refused to marry him. Her boyfriend walked away with tears, and later on, he wrote a letter to her and said ''Just take care of my eyes dear..... I love you.....''IF YOU WERE THE BOYFRIEND WHAT WOULD YOU DO?                                                                                                                              




In the African Society, women are regarded to be inferior, that they cannot do without the support of a man. In recent years the women have regarded themselves so superior in that they work day and night to show their superiority

Ever since Tumaini house school started over 15 years ago, Madam Awino who is the head of the school and her deputy Madam Charity Mueni, have been spending the sleepless nights to make sure that Tumaini environment improves every hour spent. They ensure not only development on the environment but also the academic one which ensures that students grow emotionally and not physically.

For the last five months, I have spent in the school, I have seen a real strength in the two women heading the management of the school. With their help, they have brought out the most disciplined students in the community. The most successful students in the community thus shooting to be the leading educational center in Nakuru west sub-county. Sure enough, I know in a few years to come, Tumaini would facilitate not only female boarders but also boys.   

Transport in various parts of the country had been facilitated ever since the school purchased an asset, that's the school bus. This has rationed the transport requirements, for students may travel to far places cheaply. The school bus has the capacity of fifty-three [53] passengers. Our school is just a semi-national school around the county.

Our principal acts as a mother, teacher, advisor, counselor and most of all a tough discipline. What a real strength of a woman, actually what man can do a woman can do it much better.

Can you imagine, Tumaini house school, with a capacity of more than 800 students under the management of a woman, workers under her authority, and teachers looking forward to following her lees, What an incredible strength of a woman? 







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